Copy Editing

Our editors are skillful in a diversity of extensively accepted approach standards and adhere on to the client-specific or author-specific style guidelines. They will prepare a style sheet for every project they handle, which is approved by the client before implementation. A single copy editor typically edits the entire book so that consistency is maintained throughout the project.

Our editors have knowledge in handling a variety of content in different domains.

The editing team ensures consistency in all method aspects and usage of terms. The editors also liaise with authors and publishers for any clarifications. They ensure that the style guide requirements are met. This activity is entirely analysis based for all levels – document, paragraph, sentence or word. Some of the parameters taken into account are:

  1.  Determine the relative importance of words and concepts and thereby assess complexity of sentence
  2.  Inquire the intent of author and then propose a structure thereby making it concise

Data Entry

We have high speed Data Entry operators for converting DATA from Hard copy to  Digital form. We achieve the accuracy level for 99.95% to 99.995% based on the input complexity such as legibility and supplied material Quality. We have high end scanners to convert Data / image from paper to soft copy through OCR, Image cleansing and Re-Drawing.

Typesetting / Pagination

Wehave expert team to cater any level of complexity in typesetting process for STM Books and Journals. MS-Word, Adobe InDesign, LaTeX etc. are a few publishing packages we dealing with.

Art and Illustration Services

Our designing department caters to the requirements of back-to-back illustration and design solutions for books, manuals, journals, brochures, advertisements and reference works. Our experienced graphics team can visualize and design creative covers based on your concepts.

We can provide services from design conceptualization to final output/product stages. Our design studio facilitates quick revisions to honor the deadlines. Some of the activities undertaken by its studio are:

  • Illustrations using
    • Hand sketching
    • Draw for chemical structures
    • Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Raster/Vector processing
  • Relabeling and redrawing
  • Color enhancement and manipulation
  • Digital proofing
  • Technical and medical drawing

XML Services

We provide a full spectrum of XML services to address the demands for digital formats and online publishing requirement for content repository and multi-device capabilities. The company has the capability to manage XML-based workflows.

ePub Services

The company has specialized services for creation and delivery of education and trade eBooks. The Company is familiar with all the leading formats namely .epub, .mobi, lit and so on. The company wanted to position itself as a one-stop solution provider for pre-press requirements. This extended service in-house work model helps us integrate this service into current workflow or be treated as a standalone as well.

Some of the eBook services offered by our company are:

  1. Scanning –     We can provide services for scanning and digitization of print books for conversion into eBooks.
  2. Conversion – Our Company can convert your raw content into any standardized or proprietary eBook format as required.
  3. Testing – We also provides services for testing the integrity of the eBooks.
  4. Format Conversion – We provides eBook format conversion services for clients who need to convert their books from one format to another.
  5. Delivery – The Company has eBook Store and eBook Library platforms for delivery of eBooks to end consumers.

Project Management

Our project management team has proven track records of managing the production process in the customer’s best interest, including author liaison and rigorous attention to publication integrity. They act as the single point of contact to facilitate all communication including regular status reports and updates regarding the status of open issues.

Our team is proactive in planning, good in communication and swift in responding to customer’s requirements. As a part of our regular training program, they are also trained in all the production processes before they are prepared to take charge of the activity. Needless to say, any project-specific query, simple technical issues, or scheduling information are all sorted out flawlessly.

Our Project supervisor coordinates with:

  • Art program management including permissions
  • Coordinating and consolidating page corrections – Master proof set compilation
  • Copyeditors, indexers, translators, printers
  • Customers, author(s)/editor(s)
  • Editorial oversight in the publisher’s best interest
  • Eye on quality
  • Graphic designers/illustrators
  • Monitoring page length and escalating publishing cost impact
  • Proof routing

The Company has registered track and maintains a number of state-of-the-art-facilities with cutting-edge technology, highly trained, and qualified manpower. We currently have presence in India. Our marketing and technical support teams are available to assist you round the clock.

Proof Reading

We have post-graduate team for Proof Reading. They check the data word by word or character by character, spell check etc based on the requirement, Style consistency and Global instruction etc. They assure the conformance for the requirement of quality through analyzing specification and instruction supplied by the customer.

Quality Assurance

We have  well experienced team for Quality Assurance. They check the page design, Fonts and color etc against the supplied specification and instructions. They assure the desired / required quality before delivering the projects.

XML & Ebook Conversion

We have knowledgeable team for XML conversion along with MathML, TeX to XML, Doc to XML etc., they use appropriate or Publisher DTD with ISO entities and unicode entities. Well-formation and parsing being done with XMLSPY and preview (for online proof reading to check the data) with Internet Explorer using CSS etc. PDF Ebook with linking and ePub conversion being done with great care. We do MathML conversion for heavy mathematical projects.