Cplango Digital is an IT-enabled fast-growing Data Processing, Web Development and ePublishing company situated in Mohali, India just 15 Miles from International Airport.

The Company provides a wide range of discriminating services and solutions to the leading publishers. These services are supported by the expert technology and operations group which propose viable solutions. These solutions are not “one size fits all” type, but are tailored according to the requirements of each client. Our production services integrate the complete range of pre-media services from data processing to delivering files to printers. The company utilizes a number of industry-accepted typesetting platforms. The quality and reliability of its services are reflected in the fact that it can produce more than a million pages annually with its strong financial background and dedicated industry experienced workforce. It does full-service composition in an XML environment for convenient print and online delivery.

Another division of the company provides printing services to leading publishers with its automated latest printing technology. We also provide ERP software for School Management (Server and Cloud-based).