Development Stack

  • Java

  • .NET

  • Python

  • Ruby on Rails

  • PHP

  • Backend

We use the latest technology for Composition and Conversion Services

Acrobat Distiller, Acrobat Reader & Adobe Reader are being used to get an end output format. MathType used for Equations to be inserted in Adobe InDesign.

MS-office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access) used for pre-conversion of input data with VB macros (to preserve format while converting from doc to ASCII) for semi-auto flow into publishing software to increase the production and to attain the desired Quality.

Scanning & OCR Software is available to use based on the required input data quality and is used to get a soft copy of the supplied hard copy for electronic processing.

Postscript and cross-platform fonts are being used from the available font bank

Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop are used to processing the images.

InDesign and LaTeX applications for Page Composition/Typesetting of STM Book and Journals.

XMLSpy for validation and parsing of XML files.

Well Experienced staff who have in-depth knowledge of

  • Proof Readers Marks and Author marking
  • Typographical standard Rules and regulation
  • Preflight & PDF Profile setting
  • Project Cast-off
  • Handling Mathematical Equations
  • Redrawing and relabelling pictures
  • Data Capture from any version of application files into the required format
  • Various application packages for Typesetting
  • Font identification and Sample preparation
  • Color separation (Process, Spot & Pantone, etc)
  • Spec preparation from editable pdf file
  • Scientific, Technical and Medical books and journals
  • Scanning and cleansing the pictures
  • Using programming file editor and word macros for fast conversion